stepping on themselves

For the first time I found myself barking with agitation at the podcast of Matt Taibbi. To a good extent, the normals and liberals excoriate him as horse-shoe theory in practice, and tack him to Glen Greenwald. But although they play the same terrain, I see a dishonesty and fracture point in Greenwald that I have not seen in Taibbi — and there are definite points of disagreement on their “Twitter files” loading of you care to bother with them. But. Within lodging some points on the Insta-hit piece positioning in from the start and not waiting to the two thirds point for the basic negative line for interviewing Robert F Kennedy jr — and they do have a good point that Kennedy’s Independent run came after the Democratic Party worked to bar him off any Democratic primary run (Don’t know if one foreclosed the other but it is a thought experiment on if that does them in somewhat as that bid leads to its inevitable nowhere) , Taibbi and his associate make the equivalence statements on how all the parties challenged all the elections — and here while there is some bit of truth in “Russian collusion” as Democratic Party cope on 2016 (The thing was ultimately our own damned fault), he swirls 2020 and its lack of hope for success and the claims that came with it as one and the same.

I have been noting some oddly off-key points from msnbc. A casual dunking on Trump on matters that do not matter, and whose broader point either makes it awash or slants in that jackasses’s favor. So. The Democratic fundraiser. Clinton! Obama! Colbert! A couple contemporary music acts I didn’t catch the name of! And a good little brushing of how much goddamned money this raised. Maybe there is a message on surrogates of a couple politicians of the past, and this matter was harped on by Lawrence O’Donnell — laugh at how no Republican president or vice president or living nominee is endorsing the man — and here it is just a little weird to bring one more sentence in tracking Dan Quayle which serves to reinforce his point (in the lead up to January 6, Pence took counsel with Quayle on what he ought do and Quayle kept him on the straight and narrow). But the sort of gloating here on funds raised moves back to the point all the msnbc hosts are harping on with Trump — the levelling nature of horse-race coverage, and this focus on fundraising extravaganza is your horse -race. Further, we are are lost in the singers who I do not know, as they float a comparison to Trump’s New Years show featuring, horror of horrors, Vanilla Ice and a Ninja Turtle. The problem here is, and I do not think I am alone, is that if given a choice between these two stars I do not know and a kitschy Vanilla Ice doing his “Ninja Turtle Rap” for the fun of it, sans the political figures it goes to, I would choose the latter. Such is the price of the party of cultural cache against financial currency where everyone is by their nature out of touch kinda. More to the point, the gratuitous dunking on this score contradicted the coverage of a coverage on Trump’s music Spotify playlist — the question of why is anyone giving this fluff piece analysis? — which despite its subjective digging at the song selection as hinting at authoritarianism enough masse does indeed have the point in — who cares? There are more immediate signals to point at.

Incidentally, on that score — celebrity and it’s discontents, for whatever it is worth, Biden has lost the support he once cultivated of Cardi B, singer of the ode to … Female prostituion, I guess?… “Wap”. And maybe you would assume it would be over Gaza, but actually it is over Ukraine. Isolationist sentiments you may not figure her to have — but really, do we really know Cardi B?

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