Congressional business

I have a weird flashback to either the passing of Obama’s ACA bill. The magic number of sixty. They need Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson. Wheeling and dealing, he gets a goody, a parochial minded budget favour of particular interest to his homestate. This is painted as corruption by the high minded Republican Party, gets a nickname “Cornhusker Kickback”. Nelson retires into the night and lets the red state move to Republican senators. Electorally it probably hardly matters, as anything would have worked for this, but works as anything as an excuse for a more partisan minded electorate to turn against the most conservative Democrat.

Skipping through the favored position over the past few years of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, retiring into the sunset and probably doing his party a favor by doing so, and right now we land on how Speaker of the House Mike Johnson is planning on proceeding to get Ukraine funding past the Marjorie Taylor Greene headline and post 2016 non anti Russia Republican caucus majority softline. I understand the notion of sweetening the bill — you get this if you give us all of this — and we need something that lets us declare victory. I understand a certainsibterfuge here — loans to Ukraine my ass! But apparently the big important item of much principal is… The ability of the state of Louisiana to export more natural gas.

Yeah. We are back to your supposed gripes on Ben Nelson.

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