Michigan primary looms

Trying too ascertain the coming Michigan Democratic presidential primary. Tlaib wants everyone to vote against Biden, to, as her cause claims, urge him to the right stance on Israel to assure a victory in November. We are stuck in a comical line — Biden attempting to lay something in the future against where Netanyahu standing in the present as the defender of the attacked state of Israel. There is no political gain here — Biden will never going to be able to get past the potential voter for Jill Stein and Colonel West who have this parcel of the issue flanked up. So we just sit and watch. I have no idea what the vote tally for an uncommitted push with uncommitted declared as “Viva La Palestine” could possibly end up at, or what it even signifies when we can shrug toward “Trump. Muslim Travel Ban” and try to sigh ” two state solution, if … Please, someone over there. “

I am told by someone with “the bulwark podcast” that there is a video I should watch on YouTube — lands as Biden propaganda if we take it that way — will through his career of meetings with foreign leaders beginning with Indria Gandhi. Sarcastically we want to see if he referenced meeting her last Tuesday. Curious to look up, I see instead when I try to find it at YouTube anti-Biden take which may as well be pro-Biden videos — “Biden’s History with Israel” — meeting with each and every one of Israel’s prime ministers. This is a kind of weird rorschach test, one thing which suggests a commitment that should have been dead in 1949 — if I really want to follow what the “no vote” wants to get Biden with on this.

On the other party with a ballot. Is this the one where Trump exceeds 70 percent? And moving forward — is there any state out there Biden will suffer an Obama Kentucky / West Virginia 2012 — or are the figures on the ballot (Dean Phillips) too actually definable?

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