Stare of border

Stare long enough at the American political situation and I do not budge an inch in my lack of comprehension. Big defeat for the Republicans, I am assured, the core that can’t shoot straight, and they failed to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas. That is neat. They will be able to do so next week, though. The reason for Mayorkas’s impeachment, in case you are curious, is because he is doing a job where there are problems in that job.

We sort of tumbled around to a full 360. I recall a thought from somewhere in the National Review quoting Trump on how immigration on the Southern border came to be his defining issue in 2016. He noticed decreased energy when he discussed anything else on the campaign hustling, and a charge from the crowd when he went back to immigration (or, rather immigrants), so that is where he landed. The National Review commentator speculated that it looked like “trans-stuff” will be it for this campaign. And, it seems not — that skipped past everyone, and we are back to immigration (or, rather, immigrants), as that go-to speech due line. (Also, I guess, he himself). The polls say it is the winning issue for Republicans, a flip of how it polled through the Trump administration, and the Republicans… (Trump himself not a winning issue). This even as it beers into sickening “nullification crisis” territory on the part of certain Republican governors.

… Might be right in not allowing Biden to sell out on it? Maybe? Well, he was trying to do that for most of last year. To be fair, you can not say it is a “sell out” — transactional always, was he. And they are also wrong by means of their claimed policy, so I gather not. I suppose we are stuck in Why I was muttering “hold it” when hearing some ICE protesters with a kind of moral clarity of assumed priors in the last administration — see how much you can stick through in the next administration.

I am informed by a pile of MSNBC YouTube images that MAGA is obsessed with Taylor Swift in an unhinged manner. I would think of this were the case, the Fox News and assorted right wing clips on the YouTube page would inform me of it, and not the MSNBC and politicized late night hosts. The pulse of what is presumed is the pulse is off — but I guess it makes for good marked mocking.

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