politics of disruption

From what I can tell, Zooey Zephyr was more in the right than were the Tennessee state Representatives, though I guess punished lesser for the break in protocol and disruption of legislative business. Zephyr’s offense is a bit of an eye roll — some overheated rhetoric she would not abide by if not really taking seriously. Sure. Everyone has blood on their hands. Why stop there? They have blood in their armpits. Blood and guts pouring bout of all pores! Actually, Zephyr USA little bit like Trump, who pointed at an adversary in the press as having blood. Still, for all that, she was still able to vote.

It is hard not to be desensitized to blood metaphors, is all I am saying.

But, press and media maladies:

The expulsion is the second recent instance of a Republican-controlled legislative body moving to punish Democratic lawmakers who spoke in opposition to policies conservatives support.

And maybe at bottom this is correct. That the actual reasons stated is a mask, rationalization, excuse. But danged if they shouldn’t be reported.

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