Make of the article what you want, and make of the history and editorial direction and sociological facets of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition — but I find myself tripping over this straight-laced description of one model.

The 20-year-old social media star and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit rookie 

And, news wise, entertainment reportages continue on this score.

“Rookie”. And this one is a 40 year old rookie at that. Like, she was in the minor leagues for years and just got her call up now. Or, in football terms, hopefully she is not another Chris Weinke.

I am quite alright with the magazine using this sports language for their historically cheesecake but a tad confused as they try to juggle conflicting and conflicted political imperatives and people with Twitter accounts mock the likes of Tucker Carlson for overly complaining or pointing it out magazine. And maybe the broader news media is all right to follow suit as — it is not like they are covering actual news with these rips of the magazine’s promotional copy. But it still just reads oddly.

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