State of the Technate Address

i happened upon a CBC broadcast from months back on the history of Technocracy, Inc. When last I saw them, they had headquarters in Ferndale WA, Portland OR, and San Francisco CA and were advertising early in the morning on the flailing “progressive am talk” station a presentation at the same cafe the station held a few public promotions events.

The CBC broadcast was interesting in locating the organization as headquartered in Tennessee, with the either unstated or suggested at reason equal parts sad and fascinating. They hired a woman to do their books, who came in very professionally and very much disinclined to favor their teachings, bit during the course becoming a believer. Meanwhile the other members keeping on in the move to Technocracy are now 80-something, as shown by the other guy the CBC presentation interviewed. Do the math. The Technocracy belongings go with the woman who has youth and vigor on her side, able to be housed in one spot and curated there for a long duration.

Fun fact: Elon Musk’s grandpa was a member. Not figures. And we all live in the technate, whether we want to admit or not…

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