the fresh hell of Twitter positioning

There is a conservative podcast that I listen to each week which had been banned from Twitter that is now allowed back on twitter. I do not know if they are tweeting, but they can if they want.

There is a liberal podcast (or progressive) that I listen to that are so upset by Elon Musk’s Twitter ruling they have quit Twitter and are stumbling on the other social media outlet. I guess they can still tweet if they wish, but they choose not to because Musk does not censor enough of the right perceived jackals.

From what I can tell, some self important news media “exposed” Elon Musk’s stated “free speech absolutism” as falling short of that stays through essentially trolling actions in relaying his jet locations. It strikes me as a low and bizarre point in media coverage, and I do not quite know what I am supposed to make or do with it.

You have to squint a tad at the “Twitter files”. Not nothing, and valuable, but everyone interested skips its point of value to postulate more, so commentary on it has meaning less.

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