the coming plague

Begin to understand an appeal of spectator sports, which is that this is the political fumbling on the alternative — with this activist group working and succeeding at some level to turn and churn mass entertainment and art to preach atcha — their simplified message which blunts out an opposing opinion. (Buzzwords abound here. “White Supremacy”. This group aches to see the epic struggle of a poor black woman’s cross country hitchhiking journey to get to a state where she can plop in and get the deed done. Which, to be sure, actually has more potential as a story telling arc than what she seems to be demanding — the “friends you meet along the way” and all that.)

like, what if we had time-traveling abortion providers: sci-fi but with abortion?

Hey! At long last, an advocate for the grand thought experiment — somebody greenlight and do that “Let’s abort Hitler” story! It can be an entire series. Abort a historical monstrosity each week. Save the “Abort Charles Manson” one for sweeps month, though. For the sake of representation — can’t just be white men — we do need the Ida Iman and then the Marjorie Taylor Greene episodes.

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