Bottom half of the Internet

Jeffries is elected Democratic House leader. The comment section in the National Review give us:

Yeah. It is The Bottom Half of the Internet.

In defense against automatic chiding of Jeffries’s brand of partisanship.:

So, to review, he called Donald Trump—the undisputed originator (let that slide, but note its inaccuracy) and propagator (better) of the birther lie, and a man who JUST THIS WEEK had an intimate dinner with a public antisemite and a holocaust denier—”The Grand Wizard of Pennsylvania Avenue.” Wow. He was way off, wasn’t he Tra?

And cometh from this, this canard.

Really…Biden, Obama and Clinton spoke at Sen Byrds funeral…they socialized and worked with him for years. Al Sharpton ran for President and went to the White House and advised Obama.
If Jeffries call them Grand Wizard I’d give him a pass…one fking dinner with someone no one knows…really f-ing really

Both Obama and Clinton addressed Byrd’s early career history as a Klansman. Clinton’s speaking on it was actually, if you bother with its merit, in its kind of politically incorrect and apologetic nature, controversial — and could be adapted to use for someone like Storm Thurmond — probably to stunted effect short of where a partisan wishes to go with it, but nonetheless Thurmond is a better analogy for Byrd than … (Looking down in this comments section)… “some guy no one’s heard of.” — A decade and a half out, Byrd — now most famous as the master of federal fund procurement into his state — is receding into memory and the latest generation “Zoomer” knows jack about him.

Wasn’t Biden friends with an actual KKK Grand Wizard? Short answer: no. Didn’t he go to his funeral and give a eulogy? Trump is an idiot and plays footsy with white nationalist, Biden was actual friends with the leadership of the KKK. Again: no. Byrd. Minor low level Klan member. Dumped when he got into electoral politics. Not a high level member, let alone Chief Honcho.

Oh goody! The 2016 election denier.

An attempt of equivalence. There is an element within the narrative which is false or off — sure, Russia or the Kremlin has “colluded” and attempted polin every election — as is the basics of special ops — but we drain at the election mechanics that has Trump as of now touching for Kari Lake’s stolen election.

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