the case of the mass murderer turned troll

Amusing, if darkly so.

The guy states that he is non-binary. Nobody believes him. And they are undoubtedly or most likely right. We can now clip through various denials of this claim by transgender and non-binary activists, making a point on why would such a person do so for such after attacking such a safe space — set up for them — even if I can imagine that such scenario for a theoretical sane (and at least not homicidal) person coming in that does not feel welcome as a self-id ed “non binary” person because… He (they) comes across as too masculine. And, from what I have heard… Gathered… Seen… That plays out.

But then, there is no definition of “safe” in “space”. Bubble it up as much you can in a sea of people looking for a fight macro-ing the micro of aggressions.

The denial of the possibility right off the gate marks this off as an admission that their definitions are in large part cultural and not biological. At least at this point. Setting the actual fraction of percentages who biologically count on this score — after that, the keepers of a gate look for the accoutrements of hair colorIng and cut and how comfortable they are in a dress.

I am told that the young man who made a crack in a damnable college setting of “tell us your pronouns” by claiming “My King” (or was it “My God” — I don’t recall) was a horrible transphobic jackass. I am told that the woman who said “My pronouns are Queen and Empress” in a pile of socially conscious stage presentation was funny and insightful. The same damned joke, but never mind.

It occurs to me, though, that the common belief — that he is trying to evade a hate crime charge, could be wrong. Instead it some new Twinkie defense — going for the conservatives anti-woke jurors who want to make a sneering comment here, or perhaps it is a sideline insanity defense for those who view “gender nonconforming” as insanity.

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