3 down, 8 and a half to go

I flipped through some bs web talk during the baseball game yesterday. I saw a poster Houston Astros fan I assume, make a vulgar remark to all gleeful Mariners fans and assorted mockers as the team was up big that when the Astros win, would have to stick a part of their anatomy up the Astros anatomy apart, so get ready with the lubrication. At this point the Astros homerun victory becomes annoying not so much because of any emotional attachment to a sporting team — really, everything is met with a shrug by me — but because I encountered that guy in passing, and he will now proceed with a pile more anal sex cracks to make his good day complete.

I looked up the NFL scores during the late slate of games and, thought — hey! Neat! All the nfc west teams are losing! — but then saw that I miss saw and that the 49ers were winning. Which is just as well, as they are likely the best team there. But if everyone list, everyone would be 2-3 and I could smirkily consider — maybe another golden season for the Seahawks like 2010?

By sheer happenstance, I see the Twitter feed of an LA sports fan who… Contradicts herself depending in the fortunes of her teams. An up and down last season that resulted in a Rams championship and… who said LA football fans don’t exist? And… No one is giving this title team it’s due. Today, she bemoans that the stadium is always filled with opposing teams’ fans because LA football team fans don’t exist and, oh lord this tram sucks and last season was a fluke. And from there I begin extrapulating past her teams to wonder for sports ball fans: would you rather have five double digit division winning and make a conference championship game seasons, or four lousy seasons with one championship fluke season tossed in the mix?

And I guess for the Seahawks, we now enter the stage where everyone thinks Geno Smith’s prime years are being wasted by a lousy defense…

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