when you see the stupid forced terms in the wild

The polling is very assured, to the point where any Democratic Party flack who uses the term “latinx” needs to be fired automatically for political incompetence — a red flag pointing at broader problems. Those further to the left with goals other than winning elections and a sense of “changing America” at a more root level can do what they must, with political relations to the party strained in whatever direction.

Watching this baseball game out of Oakland, my first thought is — well, they have both their bases covered — the 3 percent activist latinx-ers and the broader Hispanics. Then I realize — damned — they got me — I skipped past “Latinos”. And yeah, technically two different groups — even as one will overwhelming respond “it’s latinos, stupid woke yahoos!”, though experience tells me they mostly don’t make the split difference — or one that the basic facts say one way end up the other way because of self-definition (Justice Sotomayer would be a Latina, except she identifies as Hispanic) — which I guess is why they’re thrown together here in the first place.

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