let her be the new graffiti-ing teen tourist visiting Singapore

I guess the big question I have as the US Justice department prepares to exchange a WNBA player — earner of six digits in the US and seven elsewhere —

— user of more pot than Russia allows —

— and isn’t everyone supposed to be boycotting Russia right now? There is no more McDonalds, though they apparently continue selling the same food items under a new moniker. —

The big question as we exchange her for, (take a side swipe at news story) — “The Merchant of Death” — the guy Russia wants back … a guy by the nickname “The Merchant of Death”… Got that? ” Merchant of Death”. Details less important.

Cool. But the question: Does the basketball player at least have an on-court nickname? If not, can someone give her one harass enough in order to balance the scales as against the prisoner swapped? (Or would that just be desperate).

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