quit while you are in good middling position

Somewhere off in twitter, I see a Biden supporter give the reason for supporting hum in particular. We were in a bit of “pet rock” territory — or, off in an omnibus bills there were rules and regulations parked on his disability in particular.

In the current humdrum of mediated urgings — messages dropped from unnamed sources mixed with punditry speculating furiously — for Biden to not seek re-election —

reminscent of 2015 “message board of the powers that be” unnamed political advisors “speaking quietly behind doors” and to the NY Times and Washington Post on how Biden would embarrass himself with an election campaign —

— notable in that while I had no specific idea who specifically any of the unnamed Obama administration and Democratic Party sources and advisors were, it was clear Vice President would

, there is this accounting on that which Biden as unspectacular and dodgy fogey President has accomplished.

You defeated Donald Trump, saving democracy. You managed a once-in-a-century pandemic. You kept unemployment low. You broke the long-standing gridlock on infrastructure and gun safety. You named the first Black woman to the Supreme Court and delivered the first Black, South Asian, and female vice president. You maintained NATO unity in the face of Russian aggression.

Yeah, well, maybe, perhaps. Supposedly he can now crow about a couple legislative wins this week — Manchin agreed to a “Build Back Better” bill, (I refer to as “Bunch of Things Act”.).

There is the insanity of Biden in that he can with good justification believe he was the only person in 2020 who would have beaten Trump, the very nature of his win — a Center that cannot hold — and we welcome the Never Trump Republicans who can go on and decide if down ticket Republicans are or are not Trump — is adversarial to another election win — pandemic raptured antsiness, inflationary spirals and that dreaded “recession” looming —

The dilemma for the Dems is the jackals running semi clandestine races or are positioned to take the nominee — Gavin Newsom has an ad in Florida and an ad in Texas taking the fight to Republican governors! — and, Kamala Harris! — are the clodless faces of the party not apt to win over, oh say, Pennsylvania. Here, I think the 2010 elections served as a death for the party’s fortunes, in that some rural bases established in 2006 and 2008 were wiped away, leaving the party with… Well, the two Democratic hopefuls herald from California. Coincidence?

Then again, looking at the prospectus for the party on previous 2 term for-goers … Rutherford Hayes, James Polk, and clandestinely Chester Arthur … Well, mostly I get the sense that those three didn’t particularly care — which is a position I know Biden is not in. So, he has to scope the scene and decide if Harris and Newsom are up to it.

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