I think the polls show about 90 percent of Americans give two rips about 90 percent of Abortions (ie: welcome to the first tri-mester, or even earlier with how Virginia’s government is curtailing things), whether they understand it as such or not. We are also stuck in the unwillingness to mediate that ten percent — and so in the show of force now get those curses to Bill Clinton and the terminology of “safe, legal, rare”. And on to a great mass of false notes editorials lecturing in bad faith to assume bad faith in that duo of ten percents — Do I wish to read the article “Think the Bible is anti-abortion? Think again!”.

What Fresh Hell is this?

Curious item in Google news. I have not clicked to read this salon article, as I kind of just want my imagination to fill in the details of what it means to “make sex fun again”.

Amongst the big questions — and just who stopped sex from being fun? (Don’t answer that. You move in multiple directions.)

Interesting this line of thought gets opposed by the other tongue-in-cheekish response: sex strike! Bring out your Lysistrata. And then the ironic pledge toward abstinence. Most of the news references to the “trending on twitter”, random signs and shouts, and celebrity musings come from right-wing media chortling — consult your stereotypes and old George Carlin monologue on sext hating puritanical ” pro-lifers”. If it is hypocritical and simply a public face, so be it, but this is that weird show of frames of references — give them exactly what they say they want — that will show them! It is difficult to decide whether or not to even drag this line of thought up — to even mention its existence is inflating its presence — easy to find the handful of tweets and comments and shuffle it into a story to mock in “bro-comedy” styling.

Sometime early in this century I saw a flip of the old moral panic — “What the He’ll is wrong with the kids? They are having more premarital sex, and doing more drugs than ever!”. — to a new one — ” What the Helll is wrong with the kids? They’re having less premarital sex and doing less drugs than ever!”. The two moral panics now lay side by side — dip into both when inconvenient. (Sex down because boys are zonked out on more available porn and so now what is suggested by such statistics is a new lack of intimacy and personal connection. You… Just… Can’t… Win.)

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