Elections again

I suppose the most controversial choice of the Democratic Party “machine” was the backing of Henry Cuellar, an election that comes down to a 50 / 50 split. Jessica Cisneros does not appear ready to hop aboard the re-elected Cuellar train, and maybe she is right to not — from both her political and policy purposes and for her future career hopes. I imagine the same would be the case with Cellar if Cisneros came out ahead.

But I am always fascinated by the turn of frames, how such or such represents Democracy thwarted. Somehow if 50 percent plus one come out and cast their lot with the choice of “Third Way” advertisements and roll behind the get out of the vote rallies of James Clyburn, this is dirty pool against the holy cleanliness of the “Justice / Progressive Democrats” advertisements and the get out the vote rallies of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Then again, the right wing choices of the Democratic “machine” was shown in the Democratic governors’ race in Pennsylvania — what ought be considered the most controversial move of the party apparatus, even if fewer murmurs surround it. They picked their Republican opponent. And maybe the thought comes in that Overton Window is too far gone with the “mainstream” Republicans nibbling about to humor / patronize Trump and the base on election fraud — so what does it matter that they throw the “beatable” choice in and we now have “30 Mules” poised as a basis for election policy up to run the swing state? Understand, though, the Republican “machine” was strong enough in shuffling money and electioneering resources to defeat him. At least, in a vacuum.

Grass rooting jumping in all over. The semi ironic thing about Marcy Kaptur who, roughly speaking politically is like Dennis Kucinich in a dress — and I first became aware of way back in 2002 when she threw her hat in the ring for Democratic Party House Leader. It was where Harold Ford was running basically to establish a right “centrist” positioning against Nancy Pelosi for his future statewide election in Tennessee. And Kaptur ran, as one major newspaper put it, “from Mars”. But her speech about how the Democrats need to quit taking corporate money and start fundraising with bake sales received gushing reviews from In These Times and The Progressive magazines. Well, such things come in her background, today in her rejiggled district (interesting — The Republicans after 2010 threw her up against Kucinich in a ” cram all the Democrats in these lines” district — after 2020, they draw the lines for her to face Republicans) — she goes up against a Republican who came to fame locally with annoying lawn painting. (He is Marjorie Taylor Greene in a suit?)

We receive word that George P Bush’s defeat represents an end. Well, wait a couple decades. Kennedys still represent in political office — surely a Bush will get a dog catcher gig or something.

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