That which divides unites

On the list of “Things I always wanted to do, but was and am too chicken to do” —

Walk by a clinic where a batch of protesters are in front shouting aggressively things about Jesus. Shout out, “Abortion is murder!”. And when the protesters take to clapping or showing support of one level to an expression of solidarity, add a shout of “There is no God!”

Could some cynical edge lord (or whatever internet lingo for “lulz loving troll”) go out and do that? But It probably happens all the time, but is not recorded, A sneeze and that’s all.

Things become comical. I see at the am conservative “time to take a playbook from the left”. I see at the Nation ” time to take a playbook from the right!”. Yeah, you go both do that, I guess.

I stumble over a Huffington Post headline alerting me to a speech “for men” by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, which has me running back through her political history — the year is 2006, she wins election to the US Congress as a “blue dog” in rural upstate New York, and is re-elected in 2008. When Governor Patterson picks her as the replacement for a Hillary Clinton moving on to a Secretary of State post in the Obama administration, there is a bit of hand-wringing that he sent up a canned able rural blue dog in this, blue New York. But she steers herself over to the right direction on, say for instance, gun control. I imagine on abortion she may not have done such a 180, but simply moved from simply keeping her head down on it to avoid electoral repercussions to having her goals in the national party sense. Understand, politicians who do not make such switches in policy and attitude get hammered and blasted as cynical opportunists — see Krysten Sinema. And who knows? Maybe they are.

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