The Democrats in Utah just endorsed the Republican “Never Trumper” CIA Bush stooge 2016 Got a chunk of votes amongst Mormons Presidential candidate Evan McMullin. McMullen promises that if elected, he will not caucus with anyone — Republican or Democrat — which I suppose has him joining in the tradition of Dean Barkley who haunted the halls of the Senate for two months as an act of petulance by Governor Ventura — but tends to deny him any power or clout, and probably runs into the ground in reality. Maine and Vermont have Independent Senators — Maine’s Senator easily jumping from Bush supporting governor to Democrat supported Senator against a Democrat who garnered a ten percent or thereabouts, Vermont’s wants to play Socialist. Alaska’s Democrats threw their support behind an Independent last time out. Then there is the story of Charlie Crist in Florida who, last time out running for Senate played A duplicitous game in saying who he was caucusing with to win Bob Dole’s visible donation as endorsement but in desperation as election day came had to announce he was on team D.

I do wonder if maybe McMullen may as well announce be is caucusing with the Republicans. His predecessor is Joseph Lieberman, gnabbing the bulk of the Republican vote while running to remain in the Democratic caucus.

The Republican in question is Mike Lee, who gets tapped and characterized as Trumpist even as he predates Trump and has a separate agenda. He becomes the focal point where activists can lob questions off of Mark Levin radio commentary and books on passing a new less Democratic constitution. From there I see that Bill Maher made some comments on Lee comments against Democracy, and cue the refrain “It’s A Republic, not a Democracy.”

Currently Lee is embroiled in a controversy about January 6th plots, which brings me one puzzled face round about here:

He knows that when I said things like ‘Tell me what we ought to be saying,’ what I was just trying to figure out was ‘What is your message?’ He knows me well enough to know that that doesn’t mean I will do your bidding, whatever it is,” Lee said in a 45-minute phone interview.

Conversations I had with him at the time on the phone and in person, he knew that. He knew I was not there to do his bidding,” Lee said of his conversations with Meadows.

Lee said his texts to Meadows are being used out of context for “political motives” and were “leaked” during an important period of time in his reelection campaign. The messages were obtained by the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and reviewed by CNN.

Given the state of the Republican Party, the “political motivation” may just as well be Lee himself passing the emails on to shore up his base, skeptical that he is too aligned with stringent extra Constitution Constitution rhetoric as against Trump conspiracy self serving populist.

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