Dimensions misunderstood

And maybe I am giving too much credit in this here binary political culture, but I really don’t think there is a contradiction with this. To a Federalist article — “Cancel your Disney Vacation and go to Bollywood instead” a tweet barks out:

Cancel your Disney vacation and support *checks notes* proud queer icon and longtime supporter of LGBTQ rights Dolly Parton

A supposed “gotcha” in the culture wars. And it depends, I guess, on what precisely one is “boycotting”…

… Whether accurate or not not the issue at hand in claiming “hypocrisy”…

Sure, and Dolly Parton crafted her image off of cheap hookers, and her exaggerated features seem to borrow gay culture in the form of echoing drag queens. But then what is the song “Joline” but some cluster fuck of accepting a smugly cheating husband and accepting herself as blame-worthy? A fear seems to be that the corporate creation of art will shutter meaningfully problematic art such as that with definitions of problematic set by someone else.

Or, you skip to this:

A polling story comes out. Weird headline. Big support for the gays. Half support for the trans. Whatever the heck the terms get set on and are supposed to mean when things comes down to finessing elementary grade education and smirking at athletic disparities.

See where it takes the culture, I guess.

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