Float it by and see if it sticks, and force the sticking when it falls off

A fine line between the two categories in assessing on cultural high pronouncements of wok ish statements of “why Trump won” and “why Hillary lost” — things with no meaning in policy but where a vote is the clearest way of saying “go away” —

I gauge the following headline in the latter category — “Why Hillary lost”, attached as it is to gender but with no bravoda in it:

Petromasculinity is the leading dealbreaker for dating app users, OKCupid says. Here’s what that means.

(Tap tap tap)…

Is this story even worth reading? Deconstruct the appeal in the “drill baby drill” line, find phallic symbolism in perpendicular shapes pounding the ground — too bad no mounds to complete the imagery.

When it comes to the environment, 90% of users care about it, and women are 7% more likely than men to care. Reynolds acknowledged that responses across the country were pretty similar and made OkCupid “a progressive app.”

I suppose the article could serve as a tip meter for pick up artists for purpose of lying to get laid — and thus serves your “toxic masculinity” men. Otherwise, I wait to see what preface we can stick in front of “masculine” — “chemo-masculinity”.

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