or maybe world war 6

“Zelensky asks if West is Scared of Putin”. A taunt, A plea, a” you afraid of this bully?” bravada.

The answer to that question lands on a sort of… Kind of, or maybe a shrugging “sure”. Delve further into the American approval of Zelensky and I do not know how the question of ” Russia usurped Ukraine. Do you care?” lands. We care enough, but not enough. The problem, why we “fear” Russia is that rock and a hard place — those darned nukes. So under Eisenhower, we jump away from Hungary. Now under Biden we scale away our participation short of what Zelensky desires.

Word has it that “Russia is scaling back” its ambitions. I have as little clue as anyone the story — though, in tried and true narrative fashion the Biden gaffe — “cannot remain in power” — throws the new excuse if Putin decides to steel his country folk to lob a bunch more bodies into his Greater Russia cause.

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