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I suspect the optimum quarterback for winning a Superbowl, short of Tom Brady and even he needed to jump teams at a crux point — lay in the likes of Trent Dilfer, Jeff Hostetler, Nick Foles, Doug Williams — a bunch of back-ups who ended up having to game manage without the toll of a full season and before their inadequacies crept in for full exploitation. Hell — Peyton Manning came in from the bench for his last season — and probably would not have had enough in him with the toll of the full season.

This lands as probably absurd, blowing up smoke because there is nothing better to do to fill column space in a spot where only franchise management knows what they think they are doing. Throw everyone on a list and shuffle it around a little for every team. Sure. Baker Mayfield fits the random clue of “second chance”, selling to the team’s fans whatever it is they throw out there. The guy reportedly wants to go to the Colts, which gives the question — do the Browns trade him to the Seahawks or Panthers to get him out of conference and most direct competition– or do they trade him to the Colts to hamper their more direct competition? Beyond that, I guess they are on the lookout for a Oakland Raider era Rich Gannon or Arizona era Kurt Warner. Tampa Bay’s Brad Johnson.

Other commentary gets amusing — upset about “underplaying” Russell Wilson in press statements. I do not really see that, but to the extent it is there — you have to sell the future and put a close to the past so it is understandable. Drew Locks twit is called “patronizing“. It does suggest he knows he is not going to be part of a trade package in the rest of this season.

I had been thinking for some time that the NFL season ought be shortened to 15 games. Throw everyone an extra bye-week — the better for an added refresher for what is a grueling physical season. Toss the odd game to give the international a full season — no “home game” for the London game. Given that the business of NFL games springs out of television broadcasts, it hardly effects the schedule of multiple game blocks. Invariably the season was expanded to 17 games — and the playoffs to 14 games, the latter quarrel some as staring at the crapshoot that was the playoffs — a bounce here and a bounce there and anyone coulda won any game, except for two teams lagging — the two 7 seeds were the only teams blown out.

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