In partial defense of Marjorie Taylor Greene

Without looking at what she said here, I have to groan at the headline. Apparently it is inflammatory to knock on Kwanzaa — as though its founder is in sullied and totally virtuous.

It is sometimes somewhat difficult to split the atoms for radicals and activists who move in and out of the FBI orbit, or become somewhat get sponsored by our intelligence agencies. In not wanting to see the Black Panthers take hold, they throw money — clandestinely — to Maulana Ndabezitha Karenga as he takes up his version of Black Nationalism — one of a type which sees him moving into conspiracy theories on how OJ Simpson was set up by that very same FBI that once sponsored him.

On Kwanzaa being an “artificial” or ” made up” holiday — aren’t they all? I suppose there is a dilemma that this observance hasn’t any connection to the African nations that its supposedly getting back at (except as inspiration, which gets hazy with myth), but you can suggest the same disconnect with Christmas through history. Its actual adherents do so in a complementary cafeteria selection of those other holidays. Christmas or Ramadan with a slice of Kwanzaa.

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