Civil War Mania

Apparently on the verge of either a Civil War or a Nazi take-over. If I read this this right, it is because Joe Manchin has blockaded the elderly Joe Biden’s big budget program, thus alienating the youth and leaving them to move to Fascism and Communism. Woe to the alternate universe where the Republicans had won the Georgia senate seats at the top of the year so Mitch McConnell would have successfully blockaded the elderly Joe Biden’s earlier big budget program that Manchin let sail through in our reality. Then the youth — who usedta tolerate the aging President but now hate him — would be going even further right than the Fascists and even further left than the Communists. Which is about what this guy is advocating… I think?

The great hope to avoid the disaster apparently lies in the resurrection of Hillary Clinton as Hail Mary last gasp candidate in 2024. There lay a faint weep in the politico editorial to this affect — like, no one thinks this will work, but it is all we gots. Anyways, Hillary Clinton delivered parts of her planned victory speech… For everyone… interested…

I want to hear Dukakis’s speech next!

So, Trump churning about … The Jan 6th events to turn into the equivalent of the Beer Hall Putsch if successful…

Or so you gander from Trump’s ruminations on what stood in his way that day

Or maybe as the National Review thinks… Apathy will defeat the coming hordes. Allegiances drawn away from politicos and toward… Individual pursuits. Mixed Martial Arts and Beyonce. Something.


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