Football maps

I suppose your Seattle Seahawks fan half wishes to just have the season cancelled altogether — yeah, half of the Rams team was out on covid and they came this close to getting an easy win by forfeiture! — but then rescheduling for Tuesday and… Here on a “wintry mix Sunday”, where not wanting to venture out — watching professional football becomes appealing enough — but that Seahawks game is off the table…

Hey!  Even if the team is only slightly in a playoff picture remember: They are ALL exhibition games.

In this day and age where the Internet makes these broadcast map schedules meaningless, and I am a click away from seeing any damned game, this still presents curiousities:

Tuesday brings two games at the same time — and it is understandable that Seahawks / Rams is thrown to the West and Eagles / Football Team is thrown at the East, but then come the exceptions.  I see that the St Louis area still gets Rams games — residual support from when the team was located there just a few years’ back.  We see Green Bay, Detroit, and Cleveland get the west game — I do not know — maybe they figure Detroit still wants to see their old quarterback play.  I figure New Mexico gets dragged into the NFC East market by way of deciding they want the teams most directly fighting Dallas.

So, what I am left with… What I want to know is… That small strip at the top of Wyoming.  And odd hat in Western Nebraska?  Are there a couple of small colleges with a player on one of those NFC East teams?

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