hyoks ahoy

This parody from the conservative / right-wing Babylon Bee — paralleling some plot points of GK Chesterson’s Man Who Was Tuesday as well an Onion article on media undercover in the Kim — initially lands on a kind of “funny, but not particularly germane to the real.” Or — the January 6th capitol incursion and Michigan governor kidnapping plots were not FBI projects, so screw this.

On second glance, though, the grand event from last summer– I am having some trouble recalling precisely what it was but it was supposed to be a gathering of mean jerks on Washington — does slide easily into this “FBI project” narrative. But I suspect it was done so on purpose — the FBI kept its fingerprints all over in plain sight to discourage the 1/6 ers from taking part — which they all did, with a lot of internet social media calling it out — a disruption move from Intelligence and a conspiracy’s conspiracy.

The problem of the day comes in listening to the Election day podcast of the Babylon Bee with guest Jonah Goldberg chiming in that Trump isn’t Hitler — and he will leave after the likely presidential loss peacefully –we won’t have a private “Downfall” speech. He spoke too soon. What you have to watch right now is round about here.:

Finally, not only is Trump endorsing earlier in national races, but he’s also backing candidates in state-level elections, particularly for secretary of state.

Trump has endorsed candidates for secretary of state — a state’s top election official — in ArizonaGeorgia and Michigan. This is an unusually niche endorsement for a president to make; Trump didn’t endorse in any secretary of state primaries in 2018, for instance. But the logic here is clear: These three secretaries of state in question refused to overturn the 2020 presidential result in their states, and Trump is now attempting to fill these positions with officials who baselessly think the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him.

Is this enough for an alternate counting designation in these states to slide in as electors with 2024’s q-shaman serving as enforcer? Lordy hell. And here it appears to take less shamelessness on Trump’s part — an admission of defeat — to get to that dramatic meme deployed speech… Not in keeping with future political strategy.

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