Lunacy partisan Virginia mis-sell

I scratch my head round about here-parts — Oh, this tweet from Progressive Messaging Inc blasting the media for the public’s understanding of that which is “Build Back Better” —

GOP: BBB is costly! media: BBB is costly! Dems: it’s filled w/ popular stuff! media: it’s costly!

I see in the conservative sphere the contention from this premise, apparently barked out by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi — that the media is falling down on the job in-game as the Republican outlets see her words as them not promoting it right as opposed to the partisan belief belief that it isn’t getting explained right –. And surely we have seen in the past that claim when Republican causes come to the same “public would be for it if they just had our framing in place and the media is not telling the truth that our framing is right!” gist —

Well, it would be easier for the premise of “Popular thing! Popular Thing! Popular Thing!” as opposed to “Bunch of Stuff” if the bill were not basically identifiable as the “Bunch of Stuff Act of 2021.”

Off of this we have a “Presidency in Peril”. Supposedly. And maybe we do — maybe the expectations fight for the partisans backing him can not be won. The problem comes in an opposition laying ugly undemocratic grounds, and maybe this is just a sales job, or maybe this is setting up a disastrous self-fulfilling storyline:

“I tell Democrats: Donald Trump is desperate for a win here,” McAuliffe said. “If Glenn Youngkin wins, it’s a win for Donald Trump, and you’re going to begin his political comeback.”

I saw basically the same premise told by a Democratic aligned pollster or pundit, and would prefer to quote him. The problem is there is plenty to dislike from McAuliffe, and the vote will always be viewed as a referendum on anything and everything. Everything comes to equate to nothing. Currently he is getting dubbed by Education policy, with the problem that that his partisans view themselves as so in the right as to have no brokering room to semi skeptics in semi opposition. The policy difference will become “Trumpist” in the eyes…

… On a gubernatorial seat that until Obama’s second term, the seat flipped always to the party not in the White House — dating back to Carter…

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