Genius conspiracy theorists

Clicking about infowars, which I guess is out of the respectable domain of godaddy and pushed to the bastion fringe holder of… Epik

A headline tossed out — “Majority of States Stand Against Biden’s Illegal Vaccine Mandate: Watch Live”. And there is a map. A bunch of states colored red, the table showing this means ” vaccine re”, not clear the definition as the video actually is live but it seems to be coordinated to this headline — I assume the 21 states in red those “majority of states”. I can recognize the political / voting pattern — Louisiana and North Carolina and Kansas conspicuously not colored, but also conspicuously with Democratic governors.

Note those are… 21 states… Which is… A minority of states…

There are 50 states.

“Remember, Biden is nothing more than a globalist puppet carrying out a planetary plan to establish a global ID system tied to the Covid-19 vaccine passport.”

And his enemies can’t figure out basic math.

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