Sticking in my craw

I. Y’know. Skipping through the sometimes sympathetic sometimes maddening conjectures I take out of this … A surreal feature article on cartoonist Ben Garrison… and of all the lines he throws out I stare at this one:
Garrison to this day believes that Biden, a “demented imposter,” rigged the election against Trump, just as he is convinced that Bill Kristol and his band of neoconservatives robbed Ron Paul of the 2008 GOP nomination.
Kristol and et al “robbed” Ron Paul of the nomination in much the same way Ben Garrison “robbed” Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio of the 2016 nomination — they published a bunch of material arguing their guy over the other guy –, and from there I suppose if we follow the terms of service over to the definition on how Biden “rigged” the election that washes out to “campaigned against”. I need a different example of comparison for any real nefarious conspiracy theory.

II. I can’t say I followed all of Alan Dershowitz’s moves over the past four years and make sense of what Trump defense was justifiable and what not, but in seeing this bravo from crooksandliars on his covid line to Fox News, we see how hard it is to remain consistent (even if the consistency is the ” always must get coverage in any major court case”) in polarized political climate, just you will be accused of this there.

III. Rich Lowry comes to terms with the low hum voltage of President Joseph Biden, at best exploring the political pitfalls and opportunities of such a posture, at worst suffering the new version of “Joe Biden Derangement Syndrome” in calling out a “Goddamned it, where are the inflammatory tweets?”. But into the comments we get this…. Nonsense masquerading as historical studies.

Along with the other idiotic things Illegitimate Joe has done in the last six months, he has solidified his place among:
Benjamin Harrison
Chester A. Arthur
John Tyler
Millard Fillmore
William Henry Harrison (he of the 30 day term)
Warren G. Harding
Franklin Pierce
Andrew Johnson
James Buchanan
James K. Polk
Martin Van Buren
Rutherford B. Hayes, and
James A. Garfield,
As the dumbest Presidents in our history — who are long since forgotten and never remembered by the American citizenry.

Basically he just dumped the post Jackson pre Lincoln and post Lincoln 19th century presidents, and tossed Harding into the mix. But meanwhile, the word “dumb” elides about the batch. Garfield may just have been our smartest President, or at least he had one of the highest iqs. Polk accomplished quite a deal in his single term. Van Buren was a savvy political hack de excellence, and no one’s idea of a dummy. And sure, Harding was probably a moron — the rest I have no good assessment on that score. So what am I supposed to make of this non historically grounded insult? Probably about the same as the kind of comment we always keep seeing:
And we are supposed to believe this guy got over 82 million votes.
There is a name for this logical fallacy , but I would have to look it up. “How could Nixon have won 49 states when no one I know in Berkley voted for him?” — though, from what I understand the person who made that comment was well aware that they were expressing their political isolation.

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