2 culture wars side by side

Kevin Drum’s analysis has its agreeable understandable points — so, where was President Clinton stand rhetorically on immigration, and what issue stances did it take to make a true “ally” on sexual minority politics back then versus now? — all of which has to be taken in on grasping electoral shifts and our tightly split electorate —

But it is where the immediate first response goes “Hey! Forgot about the tea party”. As though that is a font of all culture warring. The responders here fail to do anything but brush past Drum’s points on electoral politics — not stepping in to acknowledge that, surely there are electoral ramifications when the terms of ” allyship” get so quickly re-defined that the cultural ramifications of increased transitioning populace aren’t immediately settled…

But, then, the basic premise of “doneness” is along the lines of getting so “on the right side of history” as to obliterate the moral fudgings in “not being on the right side of history” from the cultural perspective of twenty years in the future by, dam edit, we are there NOW! — and so shuttering the Overton Window right… There.

And Nnevermind the real immediate response for Drums premise may be to note the proliferation of bad actors who seek to “overthrow the government” following the example laid out by the man to whom they throw themselves as the front guard.

As it is where John Bolton says Trump not disciplined enough to do a coup — and John Bolton should know from coups.

I admit here that my first quick reading had the 1-6ers saying they were out to “overthrow the government” as to “stopping the steal” — which I took to mean an admission of their anti-spam idea fix goals, as opposed to their not being there “stealing” — which I assume is a perception of themselves as offset by their perception of post Floyd riots.

The culture war fought here rings differently, even as it gets shoved in with that full litany of state legislatures marking lines on where transgender athletes compete, drawing up history curricula without getting stuck in an “America sucks derby”, and where New York City votes in a mayor running on dealing with crime against that “defund the police”. (But hey! Buffalo voted in a Socialist!)

(Sigh). I had a bunch of deluded 1-6 sympathizer or equivalence seeker comments from the comments section of the American Conservative page, but peculiarities chewed it away and forced me to rewrite the rest. Maybe I can find em yet.

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