Britney Headlines flash past, not adding up

A wackadoodle infowars video on Britney Spears, which — wackadoodle it be, does explicate perhaps a kernel of truth or understandable analysis in overarching conspiracy theory jaggings. At root this comes out of that sense that something was at work in bringing a sexualized teenager to a sexualized fame, and out from a young age from the biggest corporation there is — Disney. Some hazy pin point on “Patriarchy” or some entity in “MK Ultra” — the they steer our kids wrong, sacrifice a Britney Spears to an altar.

I can never quite parse “support” / “approval” / “agreement” with the premises for “qanon”, beyond the always large number who come in not knowing of what it is, just as I could never quite parse support / approval / whatever on “9/11 Truth” which always came down to needing clarification on what “Bush Knew” was supposed to mean, and/or “are the government hiding things?”. When Epstein was convicted, some figure of note — don’t recall who — said we would all be depressed in learning about peoples culpable. In the end all we have from the conspiratorial dot connectors ate any photos of their disliked peoples when in the company of Epstein, because more official sources had no great follow through on this premise. So you forgive a couple points for people responding to such polls who have been seeing scattered news stories on Pedophilia in high places and centers of power with limited justice. You would like to think the next part of the equation in the past qanon pollsters — “Trump leading charge” — would get this forgivable percentage rubbed away, but who knows?

A funny thing about Britney Spears… where I see her conservatorship battle in headlines but haven’t bothered to read on. From a limited understanding of the story — and not knowing what abuses may have come in the past decade — I can’t help think that, sure — she deserves ownership of her life and the millions belong to her. But I sense a rewriting or dropping of history from some headlines.

Taking a vantage point from when things went wrong for Ms. Spears, easy pop psychology taking this period in as not necessarily an inevitable (“looks like Aguilera won”) but a possible outcome of her bubbled in choreographed fame — her tabloid train-wreck period coming out of a destructive attraction to the flame — “Hey! Look at me!”

The conservatorship to her father came after that breakdown of pantyless flashing, shaved heads, and various stoned public scampering which I barely recall. And after this court decision, Britney got better — seemingly a result of tabloids dropping coverage of her chaos, which gave her the space to get better, and for her corporate backers to designate her for the next moneymaking post Lolita-act part of her career. Perhaps the tabloid (by extension “society is to blame”) coverage did not require her dad gaining control — but it did come at the same time period.

The matter that is irking me here — as “We all owe Britney Spears an apology” passes by (or maybe it’s mk-ultra?) is seeing a headline where Paris Hilton weighs in on behalf of “hashtag Free Britney”. Hilton, who I grudgingly offer has always been a savvy operator and in control of her own image and act (buffered as it all has been by a life of privilege)– meaning she lands as culpable as anyone in that ” society” that “owes her an apology” — more culpable in fact, facilitating Spears’s crash when Spears had no mental control over her image and act. The term is “enabler” — the sober one flashing her pantylessness and walking away from it carefree where it would leave Spears tarnished. I find myself blinking and rubbing my eyes in wonder — nay, none of this celebrity tabloid fodder has meaning to our lives, but if we are going to go ahead and follow it — do we have to have such short memories on it?

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