On this Robot Chicken bit — Evan Dorkin did it first.

Quick! When did The Middle Ages end, and the Renaissance begin, and what marks them off?

voting for all the winners since 1988. darklordoftech has the best answer.

Church going Catholics and where they stand on pro choice politicians receiving Communion. No further breakdown on non Church going Catholics.

Girl Scouts now more prestigious than Boy Scouts.

Yahoo News names some stars: Meghan McCain, Priyanka Chopra, Constance Wu and Scarlett Johansson — Meghan McCain is a star?

National Review finds its way to praising Jon Stewart for accepting China lab leak theory, because of comparison with Stephen Colbert is partisanship. Worth pointing out, Jon Stewart once got screwed by accepting conservative frame (not wanting to be partisan shill) and accepting the dishonestly edited ACORN “revelation” video.

Bill Maher: California needs to get out of the Almond business.




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