The trouble with Assumptions

Much has been made about the “vaccines woot!” commercial with the assemblage of the bulk of the living ex presidents — Carter, Clinton, Bush, and Obama. A snicker aside at the focus presented by Bush — can’t wait to watch baseball! — the big point made is… Um… Where’s Trump?
Fauci chimes in to publically request Trump speak out for vaccination — lead his followerers to do that which he did but polls indicate his voters may not. In seemingly in the dead of night, Trump poked out to give his all important address — yeah, get yourself vaccinated. Humorously enough we then get a cnn interview with the yokels in small town diner — where the refusants get represented by one dismissal of the “Trump endorses” with “New York liberal” charge — presented by boing boing as Inctedulity and some sign that these nutjobs have turned on their nutjob leader for being rational — and presented by infowars with a charge against cnn as cluless mainstream liberal media for the incredulity. I guess you do have to give the dismisser credit against the assumptions of Fauci that they aren’t simply Trump Believers.
All good and well. But by definition, not everybody voted for these ex presidents. Should we not get another public service message from the likes of the surviving ptesidential losers — a team up with Mondale and Dole and Dukakis and Kerry and Gore and Romney? Then they can plunge into the third party candidates so all their voters can get convinced — Nader has to get in there somewhere. Then again we run into the troubles that the Libertarian Party contingent won’t comply, smd so we can’t ever get the margins fully filled in.

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