Finally, I see how many votes Jesse Ventura received

The story of Jesse Ventura’s 2020 Presidential run … he snuck onto the ballot by a rogue Alaska Green Party which, I guess, now lacks accredidation and is no more (or is something other than a Green Party)– The Green Party in Alaska having to set up once again anew and bolt out any of these Ventura-heads.

Forthe past few months I had not the vote tally for Ventua, since I had, because Alaska comes in last, so this one vote tallyer was not including him. But now I see the tally is 3,284. I guess this may ormay not include California write-ins. (That site designates allwrite-ins into one group). Good for 17th place, right behind the Prohibition Party. (18th if you include Nevada’s ba!lot line of “None of the Above”.) No word on whether Cynthia Mckinney was a boon or a drag to the voting total.
I did see a “Ventura 2020” sign floated admist massed blm plastering– I don’t believe in support of his Green Party nimination fight but … just tosiing it out there for that segment of voters for both defunding the police and against mask tyranny.

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