The circus moves onward

“Our Violence is Better than Your Violence.”

Or… Something along those lines. Maybe I have that transposed… “Your violence is better than Our Violence” or… “Worse”.

“Riot Cop”, the pamphleter who inserts these in free boxes, is considered a micro and or macro aggressive ” manarchist” anyhow — Complaints in woke speak so I don’t know what some of them are, precisely…

One violation may be simply his defense here of the Multnomah party Democratic party headquarters from its ritual vandalism. (“Fill in the blank” privilege). What good anarchist wants to protect the physical property of Democratic Party headquarters?

(I suppose they could hit Republican Party headquarters, but for all their reach you may as well be hitting the Natural Law Party or…

Hell! Technocracy Inc.!

Meantime we see the mayor — despised by the right and the left — pull out the pepper spray on some jackals following him out of an outdoor dining engagement yelling in his face that he isn’t wearing a mask… I do not know if this an attempt at an expose of hypocrisy from someone who doesn’t quite understand the edicts. I see at a bus stop a pamphlet informing me it’s all a hoax, directing me to websites. They can all run for Congress and make a difference, I guess.

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