Proud Boys abandon Trump for being wimpy.

Hispanics improved Trump in NYC.

writer of Flash comics devise list of deplorables not to get any book deal.
The Washington Post Tried To Memory-Hole Kamala Harris’ Bad Joke About Inmates Begging for Food and Water.

reason faucci is distrusted by some… Casual “not levelling”.

Does ” Don’t Worry about the Government” by Talking Heads speak to the moment?

single dolt marches in Harrisburg.

Chicago Rapper curses Trump for lack of pardon as opposed to lil wayne.

aclu on the new war on domestoc terror. Notable, the precursors to the likes of Rashida Talib on this civil liberties issues platform– Cynthia McKinney for instance — would find their way on Alex Jones to voice these civil liberties isdues with the Patriot Act. Things seem to have shut down on both sides of the equation.




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