Long Way Down

Reportedly google is pausing political advertisements for the moment. Curiously, youtube — owned by google — threw me this ad.
The answer to the question is, appatently, contingent. It feels full of a little bit of lag time — propped up after the death of Ginsburg and by dent of being “conservative” in 2020 getting that “hell yeah” as opposed to a 2016 “hell no.”

Events supercede this one. At least the common ad plastered at the am con showing the heafs of Trump and either Biden or Pelosi ha e moved from “Was the election stolen?” or “Should Trump stay in office?” (Present) to a past admission “Was Trump a great president?”

Tactics of right wing jackasses and left wing jackals converge. They’re “Press”, you see. Possibly less sophisticated than that which you see in the Great Portland protests turned riots turned protests– and mind you they decree you with your camera phones are not press, and can be dealt by their press accordingly.

A funny thought about the ten Republican congress-crittets voting for Impeachment. Two come from the state of Washington. Washington State has a “top two primary”, which maybe scrambles some of the “primary” threat — Newhouse having once moved from a primary contest to a general election from the right “tea party” flank in some footballer named Clint Didier — who he can defeat with a broader electorate of Independents and Democrats. Granted, if this consideration were present, we would maybe see some Californian Republicans voting for Impeachment, but it seems to me to sit there.
Jumping around the public statements, I find myself sliding next to the one who said that he doesn’t know if Trump’s actions January 6th fot the legal definition of “inciting an insurrection” (it doesn’t) but … That’s not the standard. But pull back to plucking back to the released phone call requesting the discovery of 11,780 votes. What exactly else do you want here?

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