the franco side of Spanish civil war re-enactors attack

Georgia Senate run-off Election analysis:
My sense is Perdue and Loeffler could have survived any 2 of these 3: being unimpressive candidates, GA shifting purple, and Trump being a maniac.

The most recent predecessors — most notably the 2008 election where a Democrat who came off the coat-tails of Obama to a 3 or 5 point loss and then was swamped utterly in the run-off — the very white waspy Democrat making a fool of himself in the run-off by doing a get out the vote effort standing next to some popular hip hop artists — tells the tale of number two in this list. I have no clue how to mark the first item on this list — the current political landscape is politically aligned and soul-crushingly homogenous — we see it in that there are six, count em SIX — three from each party– senators representing states carried by the other party on the presidential ticket.

Item three is where anyone focuses. I sighed deeply as I went ahead and read the — dishonest — explainer on the “stolen election” at the American Conservative magazine — probably, for anything worthwhile the comments section is what should be read, but nonetheless I wanted to guage a “what the hell is the claim”. A few specific claims I suppose yoy can go hunt if you have the time float in a general mass of easy to refute suppositions. Biden underperformed in the cities, you see, and over-performed in the suburbs.
Part of this has something to do with the continuing antics of the Spanish Civil War re-enactors. If we must place the two sides on an equivalence, the antifa forces storming the city central and the black lives matterers taken to shining lights in peoples’ houses at nights — alienate some in the city, with enough distance in suburbia to stick by the social justice trappings coming with ” black lives matter”.

The Republicans would have won these run-offs had Trump behaved even half-way as McCain and Palin did in 2008 — of course, they had reason to campaign for the Republican senator in sane and sensical manner that Trump maybe didn’t — being Republicans after all. The message was putting a check on the incoming Democratic administration, stopping a sixty seat Democratic Senate. Surely a message transferable to this fifty seat Senate.
The problem becomes one where Trump would not allow anyone in the suburbs to think about anything but Trump. Nowhere to pivot from still needing to vote to repudiate this faction of Spanish Civil War re-enactors looming there, about to strike on the day after the election on behalf of Trump.

This is how it is Marat
this is how she sees your revolution
they have a toothache/and think their teeth should be pulled
one man’s shoes pinch/while another man’s shoes fit comfortably
their soup is burnt/they shout for better soup!
a man finds his wife too skinny/he wants a plumper one
a woman finds her husband too short/she wants a taller one
a poet runs out of verse and desperately grasps for new images
for hours the angler casts his line/why aren’t the fish biting?
and so they join The Revolution
thinking The Revolution
will give them EVERYTHING
a fish
a poem
a new wife
a new husband
a new pair of shoes
and the best soup in the world
and so they storm all of the citadels
and there they are
and everything is just the same
no fish biting
verses botched
shoes pinching
a worn and stinking partner in bed
and the soup?

From The Persecution and Assassination of Jean Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates at the Asylum at Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade.

The equivalence argument gets bizarre at times… As though it doesn’t reflect back and by definition. And then you get to tbe politicians on behalf of the anarchists on the left side of the Spanish Civil War re-enactment… Not quite there as opposed to wrapped behind Trump. Note Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s recent rhetorical ploy in claiming a Republican budgetry bill was… “Defunding the police”.

Well (from comments)

Hopefully it will turn out as an empty show, with incels compensating for something by parading with their guns in the DC Capitol as earlier in the year they did in State Capitols at Trump’s urging (#LiberateVirginia, #LiberateMichigan, etc). But it only takes a single crazy man with a semiautomatic weapon to turn this into a mass shooting, so it feels like playing Russian roulette. Very irresponsible, and shame on Trump’s enablers for fueling this too, they should have known better.
What is going on in Trump’s mind, declaring martial law as Flynn was urging ? For this to be a Reichstag Fire, there should be some plausible way to frame Antifa or BLM for it, but crowds wearing MAGA hats make this framing rather difficult.

Predictably it is out there.

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