some succor for QAnon

I am listening to old radio. broadcasts from 2006. Mark Foley is the name from the political graveyard. Florida Republican congressman who sent countless sexually explicit messages to 16 and 17 year old pages. Calls went out for the resignation of the Speaker — what did he knpw, when did he know it? — from politically invested Democrats. The Speaker condemns Mark Foley and his actions, but refuses to go anywhere — denying prior knowledge.

That would be Speaker Dennis Hastert.

Former high school wrestling coach, who, years after retiring from office, wss revealed to — during his high school wrestling years — have …

I never dipped into the details, but what was in the headlines seemed enough

Oddly, had it not been for legislation advanced by Foley, his actions — despicable may they be — would not have been illegal. Hastert’s on the other hand —
On that score, Foley should have been the one distancing himself from Hastert?

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