Why we cannot have real politics

So the Democratic convention was heavy on disaffected Republicans and the Security State, the Republican convention on culture war figures and a couple reality show stunts. Supposedly the naturalization swearing in is some cynical mockery of his policy, extending as it does to limiting legal immigration, though it could be said that whatever his plans for a second term, plenty of immigrants will still be naturalized, so there is that soft sell to the suburban soccer mom.

I do ponder a thing with some hooplah over the former Planned Parenthood turned anti abortion activist, Abby Johnson, who asked — and conversationaly on twitter — the question “What is the most controversial thing you believe?” — then gave an answer appropriate to the question which… Well, would surely lose any election but if you want to spitball ideas, maybe it would be fun to have a beer with her.

And I guess politically it would be an unforced error to pose the question, but as any real answer to the question is by definition unpopular or controversial… Suppose it is thrown out in an interview… How are you supposed to non respond?

Actually it should be lobbed at presidential dsbates, even though we know the answer will be still anodyne pablum or veer to the apolitical. (“The Simpsons is currently better than it has ever been!”).

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