No justice or peace

IMG_20200530_110857 I assume there is a story behind this burnt car.  I assume the story will be told sometime or other.  I note the destruction of the Windows of the Microsoft and Apple stores, and recall that in the shut down we have a lot of lower case stores — ones theoretically the looters wouldn’t slide into what I guess is an incoherent criticism of police patrolled white supremacist capitalism (?) (All they care about is property, dangedit.  Or something.) — boarded up, as the likes of these places of businesses are obliged to do after clearing up the broken glass.

A guy in a bandana over his mouth passes by as I take a couple photos — well, the rule is when placed in contact within those six feet, as a gathering designed to move into riot mode will be — this is social distancing etiquette.

IMG_20200530_111906I do not know if this piece of graffiti isn’t patriot prayer mockers.  But nay.  We have a grand unified theory of smashing.  Never mind I have no clue what the black victim in Minneapolis stands on gender theory.  As a joke it passes over middle America — you all talking to yourselves.

It strikes me the business across from what I guess is the center — the gummint building in front where blm have held some protests of a peaceful nature the last few days –is lucky their logo includes a n encased circle that kinda looks like an anarchy symbol… May have protected them from anything but some incoherent graffiti.


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