Quick — to the stacks!

Around Old Town, (most likely neighborhood location to see human defecation) someone, a committee of political action I suppose, has posted a flier warning against … Urm… The name and face of “Riot Cop”.  A bullet point of a couple serious charges next to a few vague-nesses or woke jargon gasps — I wish they settled the list to the couple specific charges because — though I understand they consider it with the phrasing a slam dunk — I don’t know where “discounts victim’s narratives” has us.  (Saw a couple tweets in support of Biden over Reade? Still laughs at Louis CK?)

Curious, knowing the very design of “Riot Cop”, (I guess is defined as an artist?  Scat Poet?), when he would plaster over a rebuttal…

IMG_20200516_142714IMG_20200516_142500. Yeah, we do see the m.o. of keeping the “Community Alert” headline to assure it’s connection.  Elseword, I wonder if he didn’t have this lying about already and decide it was the one that closest fit?

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