Close but no cigar

A rodeo did business off in California, a crowded restaurant happened in Colorado, and we begin to see some splitting of attitudes — rural v urban — which get nasty in terms of appropriations.

A couple months back I heard the call of “no one is saying” in rhetorical arguments “we shut down for two yearz”.  At the time you saw signs in businesses saying a re open in the middle of April — laughable even then.  The problem now is I spot the experts who basically are saying shutter for 2 years… I see it in a Willamette Week article where one doctor advises we need to get it down to thirty deaths for a week, but then there is another who says zero… Or, in other words — two years from now when the projected vaccine comes.

Still, Eastern Oregon may just be able to sneak in a rodeo — and half sanctioned at that.  Pro basketball — the NBA– has allowed practices — to what end at this point in a delayed season who knows?– With apparently just two teams taking it up.  MLB baseball is looking to start a stadium empty season at the predictable time the Vegas linemakers set their line on — July 4th.

I see that a business has its computer projected image on and I can not tell if the blue error screen is a sign no one comes in ever and fixed it or if the thing has been fixed but like — down again.

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