Ain’t no fooling around…


Out and about on some sign posts, some person or some collective wheat- pasted some paper declaring “Rent Strike April 1 (etc etc) “  ( wooo).  I see an old guy I have often seen doing what he always does, either by his own free agency or at the behest of a neighborhood associaion’s beautification splot, scrape peel the things off.  And so here we see the ongoing revolution clash against the counter-revolution, the actionaries and the reactionaries, no doubt generational fissures.

Wow to Joe Biden.  Apparently he has daily briefings.  Also, if I see on twitter, he says some things — perhaps defensible but goofy or perhaps not but at least feeding a narrative with some truth in it — something about blacks and pools on the View and something else there.  Trio’s approval rating appears to hold on partisan lines.  As a whole, if we simply extrapolate from his tenure’s ratings and the midterms, that would bode a loss in November, if but for one niggling detail:  he won in 2016 by exhausting all the media oxygen (As, frankly, can be said of Obama in 2008).  From whence does Biden get a word in edgewise?  Is it possible insulting Mitt Romney not interfering in the standard metrics of the “Rose Garden strategy”?

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