Life during wartime — ain’t no mudd club

A couple weeks back, the know if all column answered the question of dog drinking up water in the Bunsen burner — ain’t it unhygenic?  The answer given — the constant water flow makes it fine — is given a challenge in the corona moment — note the Bunsen burners are shut down.  (In the early 50s movie about a smallpox pandemic — A Killer Stalks New York — a young girl helps spread the disease by slurping at a Bunsen burner.)

Well.  Almost all of them areoff.  I was oddly startled to see two — maybe they weren’t off in that micro-area.  It is notable that the flow reaches farther into the air — limiting the chances that you (Or your dog) has their mouth on metal — but that is maybe air pressure from every other thing ofv.

S Bottom line — city trusts dog massez more than human masses.

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