Reconfiguring the 50 states

The various pipedreams abound from parts of states seceding, joining neighboring states.¬† A little different from the one of California splitting in two — the non Sacramento, San Francisco, Low Angeles state which … Staring at the vote tallies seems to me apt to be creating an even partisan 51 st state… Or that great state of Jefferson for Southern Oregon and Fresno land California…

I do have to be intrigued by the proposed swap of state / province for the American regions who can make sense of Tradeau and the Canadian regions that can make sense of Trump.

It has been some time since the dream of a split for Eastern Washington into Idaho made the rounds. I think some state rep just ran aground with the state Republican party for some disreputable agreeances with militia activists or something, which woulda included pushing for the secession. But today the hullabo goes with Eastern Oregon wanting to be part of Idaho. Changing the inflection point for the phrase “own private Idaho.”

Oddly, Virginians wanting to join West Virginia have their precedent in the Civil War creation of the state of West Virginia in the first place. If only they could have thought forward several steps from their then perch of disagreements over slavery to the future disagreements over guns, they could have avoided their current situation by siding with the West Virginia state splitters in the first place. Anyway, as the groundswell perks up in the ranting at community townhall level, it enjoys support from the influential powerbrokers of… the governor and the pastor. (Maybe this switch is a political ploy from Falwell 2 to retain influence with at least some governor?)

Noting Upstate New Yorkers trying to keep their fracking livelihoods by jumping over to Pennsylvania, I suppose not enthralled by the wind technology not yet yet driving economic activity.

But the most loathsome of the secessionist movements… apparently some Colorado residents want to get annexed into Wyoming. An aesthetic disgrace, destroying two perfect rectangles.¬† Personally, I want one of these two states to spit off some county lines of annex others to get us a square state… I have always been a bit peeved that Wyoming is not square.

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