It’s kerry versus bloomberg

Depending on what it is that had happened with Trump’s Superbowl tweet — great night for the state of Kansas — it could have meant something of it could have meant nothing.  It means nothing.  It is closer to Obama’s meaningless “57 states” statement than Obama supporting Trump bashers would have it — message quickly deleted, replaced with a correct one — why should one card if he does not address the flub?

On the “failure” that happened in Iowa last night — I have no real reason to see… why it matters.   More of less, a good thing to see the media contrived meaning of it torn to shreds.. It is just the first of 57 contests, afterall.  (58 if you toss in the super delegate race.)

The problem is meaning is ascribed where you want to see it.  See McConnell “and they want to run health care?”  See, hrm, the same basic headline only lightly assuaged by note takers pointing out the “fiasco of iowa is not new.

I suppose we are still set with Biden having to figure out how to survive until Super Tuesday and show enough support to not let that dissolve.  Kerry musing off record in private for evesdropping need reporters to record how he may just have to jump in the race because it’s hard to tell whether the very real plausible fear of a doomed Bernie disaster is feted by a fear he may win.  Reports circle that Hillary is seeking the vice presidency, by more high end sour rd than those speculating that the story last night in Iowa was a thinly  veiled sabotage of bernie, and I guess that’s why Buttigieg jumped the gun in declaring victory.

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