No, biden is not picard, except in relative age

I watched the first episode of the new Picard series, and — sure, shall see the second one whenever it is free.

Noting this piece of commentary Here on the aging characters of Star Trek versus how Star Wars must cycle through into the young taking up the battle… Or, to put it otherweres, there’s a role for a ninety year old “earl Gray decaf” drinking ex captain to pay down a thick exposition on the terms of his final controversy for an oral history project before jumping back out of retirement to settle having done wrong for Data’s mind as…

I know Picard is the new Churchill… The show makes it implicit by bringing up his “mistake” as Dunkirk.

This pile of sludge that means squat to non trek did hards.

Sometime back in 2016, there was some forced commentary on pop culture pointing the way to — oh, over bearing technocratic leader with two x chromosomes.  Dreyfuss in Veep.  Ghostbusters.  Point the way to a Hillary presidency, never mind Ghostbusters was a mild box office failure, never mind the laws of “swamp the media oxygen” favored mr orange.

Arriving in 2020 and the flawed Democratic line up.  Famously long in the tooth the whole batch of them.  I don’t really know that the retreading of captain Picard can argue for a retreating of Biden… Or if some of the reasons — superficial and otherwise — that no one can get past the familiar boomer brands… The generation s candidates caught between two massive generations…  Maybe the Star Trek universe of a few centuries hence experienced the same demographic crater.  (Or we have the anti intellectual rampant in society suggested by the shutting down of aI research… Probably failing to address present enemy and still on the last war against romulans and not the next against borg…

or, slightly off the opposite problem Which does not argure for the yutes voting… the “ok boomer” comment to anyone remembering anything at all from the last century, or expressing misgivings on cultural shifts.)

y’know… oddly the person who maybe best prefigures some of the economic reconfiguration toward a Trekian universe could be Andrew Yang.  Think about it…

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