trolls will take control of everything if we let them, won’t they?

Apparently you can’t be seen using the ok sign anymore.  Internet trolls that get aligned to the label “alt right” have taken it, much as gangs frequently do with sports team uniforms.

Absurdities abound, round about here:

Critics expressed outrage when a former White House aide, Zina Bash, appeared to be flashing the sign as she sat behind Brett M Kavanaugh during the televised Senate confirmation hearings for his appointment to the Supreme Court.  Defenders of Ms. Bash insisted that she had not intended any racist connotation and was merely signaling o.k. to someone.

This excerpt should not be in a news article, unless we specify “critics” as “twittering nitwits”.  But, with hub ub occuring, and everything becoming politically incorrect…

From wikipedia:

Zina is the daughter of Lawrence Gelman, a doctor and hospital executive.[1] She was born in Monterrey, Mexico, and raised in McAllen, Texas.[2]
She is Jewish, and the descendant of Holocaust survivors.[3]

In September 2018, during Kavanaugh’s nomination hearing, she was falsely accused of making a white power hand sign. Her husband John Bash condemned the accusations, calling them “repulsive” and a “vicious conspiracy theory”.[20][21][22][23][24]

Actually we see wikipedia making a value judgement.  Maybe she was signaling to the white power “jews will not replace us crowd” (the other prominent figure cited flashing the “ok” sign is someone at the Charlottesville organizer… which strikes me as I google…

After Richard Spencer’s anti-Semitic Tirade, Will the U.S. Media Now Stop Glamorizing Well-dressed White Nationalists?

A loaded question… I don’t think Richard Spencer is getting much good (positive) press in the media, is he?


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